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Got a question about something worship related?  Need someone else’s insight on an issue?  We take the time to answer your questions on a daily basis in email.  This platform gives you the ability to ask a question that can be shared with others so that they can learn as well.  Want to ask anonymously?  Let us know and we will publish your question, provide our answer, but leave your privacy…well…private!  Go ahead…ask a question!  When you are done, check out some of our previously answered questions and helpful tips below.

You can choose one of two ways to ask:

1. Use the form below to submit your question; or

2. Leave us a 30 second voicemail.  Make sure your question fits within 30 seconds and speak clearly.  We may even use your spoken question on an upcoming podcast! Simply click the “Voicemail” tab on the left side of this page.