Are You Ready For Your Biggest Week?

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Is your set list ready’?  Do you have the perfect video elements all set?  Are your musicians ready?  Its the biggest week of the year…and it al centers around THIS Sunday!

‘Wait…Easter has passed.  You guys are a little late at getting articles out,”

But you see…thats where you must be mistaken.  We aren’t talking about Easter.  We are referring to the week AFTER Easter,

Let’s face it…across the social media profiles of worship leaders everywhere you’ll find the same image this week – an image of “WORSHIP TEAMS AFTER EASTER” of “CHURCH STAFF AFTER EASTER” with some comedic image of an individual or individuals exhausted.  It’s true.  We’ve worked hard over the past few weeks to make Easter amazing.  At the core at it – if we are honest – is what?  Think about it without over-spiritualizing it.  Yes, we know it is about God…and Jesus’s resurrection….but what else?

PEOPLE.  We know that there will be floods of people.  There will be a food of people coming to our doors that we know historically come twice a year:  Easter and Christmas.  We pull out all the stops hoping that they will feel at home and realize that the church did not, in fact, implode when they walked in the door…that they did not catch on fire when they entered…and that it was a unique experience that they could see themselves coming BACK to.

But there’s the catch,  A few of them DO come back.  THAT’S what I want you to think about right now.  As you are planning your sets for this weekend.  WHAT are they coming BACK TO?  You see…so many people walk back into a church the week after Easter and get whiplash.  They look back as if to see “is this the same church I was at last week?”  The music isn’t the same…the lights and production isn’t the same.  The energy isn’t the same.

Are you giving your absolute best this week?  Put the spirituality back in …because it has always mattered.  In the end it isn’t about us…or the people coming through the door.  It is about a celebraration of worship of an amazing God.  That celebration should never look any weaker than Easter.

So…what does your set look like?