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Be Careful Little Mouths…


Social media is both a blessing – and it is also a curse.  Every one has their own opinion about everything…and thanks to social media – we know what that opinion is 24 hours a day.  I am guilty of it.  Most of us are guilty of it.  When a non Christian goes on a twitter or Facebook tirade about something…we call it – “tweeting”.  When a Christian goes on the same type of tirade we look shocked that he or she isn’t more reserved in their tweets/posts/status updates and eventually err on the side of “they had a ‘human’ moment”.

It seems like only yesterday that we were battling over whether or not a dress was blue or gold…or whether we needed to get our eyes checked.  Today – we argue over same sex marriage, abortion, gun laws, common core, presidential candidates, red coffee cups…really?  RED COFFEE CUPS?  Here is the sad beauty.  No one was ever upset over the cups…yet we all had our timelines filled with talk and gossip about it!

Want to know the sad truth?….:

NONE of our talk online changes anyone’s position when we rail and rant.

…or does it?

Very recently I was witness to a twitter dialogue that went on for hours.  Verbal assaults went back and forth.  Insults were made.  Jokes were peppered by all parties – none of them pleasant.  The “who’s” and the content of the dialogue is not important.  What is important is that one tweet…just one tweet amongst the whole back and forth banter caught my attention.


I had to read it a third…fourth…fifth…and sixth time…

…and ponder.

The tweet was likely lost in the shuffle.  The words, however, are so indicative of how we pervert Godliness and being Christ-like to mankind by such petty actions.  I don’t want my actions to ever be so thoughtless – or have other agendas – that someone would EVER feel this way…yet I have to stop and regain the breath in my lungs to wonder who may have ever thought the very same of me because of words I have said?  Then – in the very next thought…I have to drop to my knees and pray to God that He would humble me to refrain from ever uttering something – or typing another word – that would cause someone to feel like this young lady did.

No tweet – no Facebook status – is worth enough “likes”, “retweets”, “shares”, etc…to risk repulsing someone away from your witness.  We witness without saying a word from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.