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Best Of The Best: Alclair Tour IEM

When it comes to in-ear monitors, the norm for most churches that utilize IEM systems versus floor monitors seems to be to sacrifice towards less financial expenditure over quality.  At, we’ve found a solution that won’t entirely break the bank and yet gives stellar quality.

The initial problem lies with the in-ear itself.  To get the best product – you need a great fitting in-ear with inner workings that provide great sound.  Most of the time, this involves a custom molded in-ear to obtain that proper fit and at least dual drivers to get a decent sound.  Custom molded

We found triple driver custom IEMs that range from $600-$900.  Understandably so, that is a huge chunk of change for the worship leader or worship musician on a budget.  While on our search for a great custom in-ear…one name kept coming up: “Alclair”.

I’ll be a bit honest – I’ve always been accustomed to the fact that a good pair of custom IEM’s are pricey.  When I first looked at the prices of Alclairs…I was concerned.  Their Tour model, for example, is a triple driver – a notch above their own reference model – and is still less than $500.  Their dual driver comes in at under $250.  To see a triple driver at less than 5 bills seemed a bit on the cheap side to me.  For the longest time – I declined the notion to try.  After all – all of the other heavy hitter’s in triple-driver custom attach price with quality.  $599 (JH3X Pro from JH Audio) $699 (A3 from 64 Audio) $850 (UE 7 Pro from Ultimate Ear) $899 (ES30 from Westone)

It was after playing an event with Matt Maher and his crew that I finally decided to give Alclair some further research.  Most all of Matt’s team – including his FOH engineer and production manager, Keithon Stribling – uses Alclair…and swears by them.  There must be something to them, right?

So I did…and I am glad I made the change.

I’ve been using Alcair’s Tour Triple Driver model now on stage – and it has the sound I’ve needed in my ears for years.  The three drivers includes two woofers and one tweeter, a 2-way crossover – all delivered via a dual bore system.  All together, it offers -26dB noise reduction and 36 ohm impedance.  The biggest plus is that you don’t lose sound from your bass guitar and drums.  Other triple drivers I’ve heard at lower price point sacrifice the low-end.  As a lead vocalist and a worship leader – I need to be able to hear that low-end bass and drums to “feel” the song and keep it together.  Without it…I just feel lost within the song.  Cheap triple drivers just muddy this up.  The Alclair Tour gives you good solid low-end response without sacrificing mids and highs.

Another plus of the Tour is its ability to function well in a large stage environment.  Amp noise?  Lots of live ambient drum noise?  No problem for these customs.  My ears have less fatigue after long sets than with any other custom IEM I’ve ever played with.

gw_bestof_award2016We’ve become so impressed with these Tours that we have opted to award it our 2016 Best of the Best “Editor’s Choice Award”.  For the price and quality – it far surpasses any other custom in-ear monitor we have seen on the market.  It is awesome when a great triple driver in a custom can be less expensive than some triple driver universals on the market.  Alclair has definitely found the balance between price and quality – and is deserving of our award.

Your ears are deserving of hearing music the way it should be heard as well.  If you are looking for in-ears – may I boldly suggest Alclair.  You will not be disappointed in the results.


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