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Books Every Worship Leader or Pastor Should Read


We don’t read near enough books these days – seriously. There are plenty of great books that a worship leader or worship pastor should read, in my opinion, to gain deeper insight into their calling. I’ve compiled a short list of them here.


[dropcaps] 1 [/dropcaps] The Bible (by God): Honestly – The list was not going to begin without this Book. I will not overstate it – If you are not reading your Bible DAILY…not just reading a few verses so that you can tweet out your daily verse on twitter as a great show of effort…really diving into the Word and spending time with God. This is essential for a worship leader or worship pastor at any level.


[dropcaps] 2 [/dropcaps] Worship Matters (by Bob Kauflin): This is a great book that you will find yourself returning to time and time again. While perfect for a beginning worship leader – you will find it particularly interesting for the “seasoned” vet who has it “all under control” to learn something entirely new. If you loan this one out…get it back as soon as you can – you’ll want to read it again.

9781404103559_p0_v1_s260x420[dropcaps] 3 [/dropcaps] Worship Answer Book (by Rick Muchow): I’ve considered Rick a friend and mentor for years and cannot possibly make it through this list without including his book in it – but the caliber and honesty in each subject he answers makes it my number 3 pick. We tend to spend more times learning how to do things with our guitars or computers these days then we do in how to better serve in worship – this book serves to help refocus us in the direction we should be heading. A must read.


[dropcaps] 4 [/dropcaps] To Know You More (by Andy Park): When you get the opportunity to sit down and listen to someone who has lead worship for decades impart hours of hours of knowledge into you – you take it. That is precisely what you get with this book. Andy Park has a great insight that goes beyond a simple practical and into a deeper mode of worship. This is good meat and potatoes…and no filler.

[dropcaps] 5 [/dropcaps] ????????? (by ????????) : Of course I would leave the last one blank. Why? I am always looking for great books and I am not naive enough to think that I have read all of them. What books have YOU read that rocked your world or that have left a mark on you? What would you suggest to the readers here at ? Share your recomendation below in the comments section! I would greatly appreciate it!