Can You Handle This?

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Try this:  before you continue reading this…go to your freezer and grab a single ice cube.  Go ahead.  We will still be here.

Now.  Keep the piece of ice in your hand.  Firmly.  Don’t open your hand.  Don’t switch hands.  No cheating.  You must keep the piece of ice in your hand firmly as you read this.

We’ve all got things that we have within us that we keep from others…even God.  We don’t share these with those around us.  As worship leaders or pastors, we have a strange burden that we feel like we must be without any fault or without any burdens because we have to constantly be watching out for others.  Giving any appearance that we have things to keep up with going on in our own lives would appear as if have come out from behind that veil.

First…I think that being transparent about needs for uplifting and prayer is crucial.  It is also very healthy.  We model to our teams the very practice they need to make in their own lives.  As individuals we don’t let people into every area – either because we feel like we have a good enough handle on our own…or because we are ashamed of letting others…or God, hear what is going on.

The Bible has a different take, however.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. – Phillipians 4:6 NIV

God admonishes us to not be anxious about anything…but rather bring EVERYTHING to Him.  And we should.

How’s that ice cube feeling?  Describe it.  Getting painful?  Making you feel numb, perhaps?  That’s what happens when we try holding on to things for too long.  Sure, sometimes we finally decide to ask for prayers from others.  There are times when that works for a short period.  We are designed to be able to petition prayers.  When we do that…we are simply handing off the ice cub that is already freezing to someone else.  Soon after…it will become painful, or numb to them.

Now…set your ice cube down.   How does THAT feel?  THAT is the feeling you get when you begin to bring EVERYTHING to Him.

As worship leaders…it is crucial that we bring EVERYthing to God instead of trying to shoulder it on our own…you may find it less….chilling.  😉


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