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“Imma Let You Finish, Kanye”

It was a few years back – not worth citing the actual year.  A pompous Kanye West grabs a mic from Taylor Swift while she was accepting an MTV Video Music Award and steals her moment.  The world sat in disbelief as West stole the

My Biggest Regret as a Worship Leader/Pastor

Someone recently asked a group of people – “What is your deepest regret as a worship leader/pastor?” My answer: “Not spending more time remembering that my greatest obligation has less to do with songs…but more to do with: “ (as you are)GO(ing) …tell the Gospel.”

Are You Ready For Your Biggest Week?

Is your set list ready’?  Do you have the perfect video elements all set?  Are your musicians ready?  Its the biggest week of the year…and it al centers around THIS Sunday! ‘Wait…Easter has passed.  You guys are a little late at getting articles out,” But

Looking for to Grow in Your Leadership?

If you’ve visited the “Community” tab here at in the past few months, you’ve noticed something called “Worship Workspace,”  If you’ve browsed around the site long enough, you’ve also noticed that our founder, Jason Whitehorn, has an active roll as one of the leaders

Write Worship Songs? Get One Professionally Recorded

Are you a songwriter?  Have you written a song that your church has been singing – and you’d like the chance to have other churches singing it, too?  Our friends over at Faithlife Proclaim are holding a New Worship Song contest, and your original song

A Word for the Worship Leader After Easter

For all of you who had bad days today: it happens. Something didn’t go as planned. Someone didn’t show up. Okay…maybe NO one showed up. Equipment failed. Tempers flared. Whatever it may be… Know this… Satan has read the same Book you have. He knows

Looking for Worship, Creative, and Leadership Training?

Spots are extremely limited.  Click the button below for more info and to reserve your spot TODAY. Six Session Overview  As worship and creative types, we work in a church environment amongst people who don’t always share the same vision of creativity as we do..