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My Biggest Regret as a Worship Leader/Pastor

Someone recently asked a group of people – “What is your deepest regret as a worship leader/pastor?” My answer: “Not spending more time remembering that my greatest obligation has less to do with songs…but more to do with: “ (as you are)GO(ing) …tell the Gospel.”

Can You Handle This?

Try this:  before you continue reading this…go to your freezer and grab a single ice cube.  Go ahead.  We will still be here. Now.  Keep the piece of ice in your hand.  Firmly.  Don’t open your hand.  Don’t switch hands.  No cheating.  You must keep

To Remember Where Our Seat Is

As worshipers – Levites – lead worshipers, we are on a stage/platform week after week.  Many of us have just had the wind knocked out from us because we have begun an internal dialog of “which is it?  Stage?  Platform?…here we go again!”  I want

Don’t Get Ready

  I watch a lot of baseball. This is no surprise to those who know me. I love everything about being at a game, the smells of the ballpark, the crowds, the food. I love the game itself, the strategy, the mental aspects, the science

Contempt in the Chaos

Ever have one of “those” weeks? You know what I am talking about…someone at church is mad at you, you spend all your time putting out fires at work, your drummer cancelled (yes, it is always the drummer), the computer crashes,  your washing machine quits

Pass The Ice Cream and Pick Up the Matches

Because most of you reading this are young and cool, I wanted to start by saying something relevant and hip, like “lit” or “fam” but for some reason, relevant and hip just doesn’t describe me. It’s not really who I am. Maybe the fact that I

The “Losing Millennials/Members/Attendance” Complex In Church

Every fourth article that I read on the internet these days seems to be click-bait.  “You won’t BELIEVE what happened next!”.  Every third article seems to be a “Top ___” list of “Why Churches Are Loosing _______” (members/millennials/tithers….)  It seems every one has an opinion.  I