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Enhance Your Worship Instrumentation With One Button

Thanks to the folks at, the same technology that I am using above in the video is available to our readers for 25% off just for using “weleadworship” as the code at checkout at . I personally endorse this product

GEAR BAG: Our Favorite Acoustic Pedal

It is this time of year that we start ramping up to talk about the products that we have been enjoying playing with for most of the last year. One of those products that we have been loving has been the LR Baggs Venue –

Worship Tech: Turning Your Music Pages – Hands Free

We are blessed with the privilege of getting to try-out all kinds of gadgets, instruments, and software that may be beneficial to worship pastors/leaders here at .  Many times, there are products that simply stand out because of their awesomeness – but sometimes the

New Tuner Comes In A Small Package

I must admit – I love opening the mail I get from Planet Waves.  There is always something lurking in each brown box that screams “This-should-have-been-invented-a-decade-ago” …and I get the privilege to try it out and tell you all about it.  One of those new toys is

2010 “Best of Worship” Awards – Guitar Edition

2010 has been a great year for innovations in technology, instruments, and materials that have an impact on worship and worship music.  It is no surprise that this year’s “Best For Worship” Awards were hard to pick. We had the pleasure of testing these products ourselves over

Review: Westone AC-2

Today marks a new era for worship leaders and worship musicians – an era that your ears can truly be thankful for.  Today marks the day when the all-new Westone AC2 hits the market for public sale.  Westone announced the new dual-driver custom in-ear last month for


So you’ve decided to pick up the guitar and learn to play – yeah…that one that’s been sitting in your closet for years that “one day” you were going to learn to play.  Perhaps you’ve played for years but you feel that you lack technique.

REVIEW: Luna Trinity Guitar

It is a thing of beauty when a guitar can look unique, sound great, and still cost a reasonable amount. Now, there is a new definition for “thing of beauty”…and it is called a Luna Trinity. I’ll be honest, this guitar has had its ups