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An Art Lost in the Worship Leader World

I’m guilty of it – click bait.  What I titled as “An Art Lost in the Worship Leader World” could easily be “An Art Lost by Most Christians Today”.  It’s commiting to memory Scripture…or reading it with any regularity for that matter.  Perhaps, a better

Contempt in the Chaos

Ever have one of “those” weeks? You know what I am talking about…someone at church is mad at you, you spend all your time putting out fires at work, your drummer cancelled (yes, it is always the drummer), the computer crashes,  your washing machine quits

He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

“He’s got the whole world – in His hands.”  Are you singing the song yet?  Chances are we sang it as a child and then forgot about the song.  According to the book of Job – it’s a good thing He has the world in

Don’t Give Up! (Between Donkeys and BellyAches)

One week it is one story: “What a great setlist!”  “We are so thankful you are here at our church!”  “That song you did for the invitation was perfect!”  The comments could have you sailing for days.  In fact, it is weeks like this that

Looking At the Big Picture

One of the common threads of discussions I hear from worship leaders or creatives is that of dissatisfaction when comparring themselves to other churches. It seems that the old adage of “the grass is greener on the other side” certainly holds true in the church

Finding Bright Spots In Your Starry Nights

Who Was Vincent Van Gogh? When I say the name “Vincent Van Gogh” – what comes to mind?  Get a mental picture and one or two thoughts.  In fact – write down one or two statements about Vincent Van Gogh on a piece of paper

Becoming Dynamite: Part One

“Why settle to be a firecracker – when you can be dynamite in the hands of God.” –  Dr. Harry Wood. This was an amazing comment I recently heard as Dr. Harry Wood, General Superintendent Emeritus of the Wesleyan Church, presided over the Ordination of