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Getting Organized in Worship

Ever felt like you were disorganized as a worship leader or worship pastor?  Surprisingly, you are not alone…and there may be a very good and logical reason why.  We will dive into that and how you can get organized in this week’s podcast. You can

Building “Themes” In Worship Sets

Ever wondered how to craft “themes” within your worship sets?  Take a listen to this podcast where we answered a question from one of our readers/listeners on the subject of “themes”. Have a great suggestion yourself?  Leave a comment below!  We would love to

“After The Music Stops” – Podcast Preview

Looking for a “real” podcast about “real” things that pertain to you as a worship leader?  This is not your typical podcast.  What won’t be discussed  (intentionally) are the latest song trends, how to add members to your worship team, or what the appropriate dB

Worship Corner Podcast – Bob Minner (Tim McGraw)

  On this week’s podcast – Bob Minner, guitarist for over twenty years with Tim McGraw, joins us to talk about theology in today’s songs, worship, and his new Hymnal project. To visit the “Six String Sanctuary” project, click the link below:

Worship Corner Podcast – 9/8/15

In this week’s podcast, Jason answers a question about “How to deal with criticism in your music.”  Its a question that, as we will find out, has been asked for generation after generation.

PODCAST: Brenton Brown

Some people just have a gift for writing great songs.  That is the case for our guest this week on the got worship? Podcast.  As a matter of fact – you can probably be assured that you’ve sung at least one of his songs at

Podcast: Daniel Doss

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Christian singer and songwriter Daniel Doss about life on and off stage.  Plus, we talk about taking traditional hymns and turning them into modern relevant worship songs. This week’s podcast is in Memory of Carolyn Lee Sims Doss

Podcast: Building Better Worship Teams

In our 8th Podcast, we take a look at how to Build a more effective worship team and give you some free tools to do so.  We also look to you to find out your best practices. Use the widget below to call our voicemail