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Building “Themes” In Worship Sets

Ever wondered how to craft “themes” within your worship sets?  Take a listen to this podcast where we answered a question from one of our readers/listeners on the subject of “themes”. Have a great suggestion yourself?  Leave a comment below!  We would love to

Are You Ready For Your Biggest Week?

Is your set list ready’?  Do you have the perfect video elements all set?  Are your musicians ready?  Its the biggest week of the year…and it al centers around THIS Sunday! ‘Wait…Easter has passed.  You guys are a little late at getting articles out,” But

Finding Moments of “Selah” in Your Worship

Have you ever been outside of your own church – at a worship conference or another worship gathering – and during a worship set…something happens?  During a song…a moment just…happens?  You know what I am talking about.  It is as if the Holy Spirit has

The Power Of Praying

At, we believe in the power of prayer.  We also know that, often times, we are left alone in our needs.  We often feel siloed at our churches and feel like no one understands what we do.  “What else do you do besides sing