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Please, God…Give Me One More Day!

“If I only had one more day!”  I am constantly wishing for more time – more hours in a day – more days in a week.  As the holiday as passed and I prepare for an event in Orlando, Florida this weekend – I realize that I

Is The Holy Spirit Your Scapegoat?

It happens…the hectic week of life shows up at your door all at once and you barely have time to prepare a worship service – and that perfect song that you had envisioned singing doesn’t get planned out.  You show up at rehearsal – and

Dashboard Confessionals: Silence

(The song I referenced is “No Words” by Carlos Whittaker.  You can check a sample of it and other songs by Carlos out here at iTunes…but the sample does it ZERO justice.  It is simply an amazing song.  Do youself a favor and grab a