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To Augment Hymns or Not…

I recently read a post on the Babylon Bee…and then a followup post on another website…all meant to shine a light at artists – particularly Chris Tomlin – that augment or adapt hymns. I write this…not in jest…but to educate. As a songwriter…and a guy who

Don’t Give Up! (Between Donkeys and BellyAches)

One week it is one story: “What a great setlist!”  “We are so thankful you are here at our church!”  “That song you did for the invitation was perfect!”  The comments could have you sailing for days.  In fact, it is weeks like this that

Jesus Sang Tomlin Songs

(A quick note before we begin:  Yes, I’m aware that this article will take some needed explaining.  I’ll pause for a moment to shake out the dust.  We will first acknowledge that I don’t, for a moment, truly believe that Jesus sang the “songs of

Looking At the Big Picture

One of the common threads of discussions I hear from worship leaders or creatives is that of dissatisfaction when comparring themselves to other churches. It seems that the old adage of “the grass is greener on the other side” certainly holds true in the church

What Makes a Song “Congregational Singable”

On one of the forums that I am a part of, today, a user asked a question about a particular song.  She wanted to know if it was “good as a congregational song”.  (the song, by the way, was Mercy Me’s Flawless.) Until today –