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Affordable Wireless In-Ears Using…Your Phone?

Want in-ears but cant afford expensive systems?  How about using your iPhone or Android?  Pretty soon…you’ll be able to!  It’s called Audiofusion, and the software has been a hit at Winter NAMM 2018.  The software is currently in Beta, but it promises to deliver real-time

Church Sound Quick Reference Guide

If there is one member of your worship team that is often forgotten – except when things go wrong – it is your “sound guy”.  No matter what you call him/her….”sound guy”, “FOH” (“front of house”), “sound tech”, etc…he or she is the one crucial

Worship Pedalboard Setup

We love our pedalboards, don’t we? We spend tons of money on getting things just perfect..and when we find something we love – we tell the world about it. That’s exactly what I’m doing. First, I want to introduce you to my love for a