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Don’t fret over a “bad” worship service


If you are like me just a few short years ago – you tend to think too much about what went wrong in a service. Chances are you may have a “horrible service” because a note was missed, a wrong line sung in a lyric, your team missed the double chorus, or a number of other things.

Let’s face it…not every service is going to be perfect.

…but God is.

Can I give you some breathing room today to try to take some of the burden away? This past Sunday for our worship team wasn’t perfect. We had issues in chords, lyrics…the whole nine yards. I was in the production room well after service trying to fix some of those errors before it went to our iCampus video the next day when I met a first time visitor to our church. He was there visiting family…and had recently been talking to another church member about a motorcycle he wanted to sell.

We made introductions and then parted ways. A typical conversation…then back to “work”.

Fast forward to the next day…

I get a request for a backstage tour of our worship center. I learn that the person asking for the tour was in town visiting the same family but was sick the day before and could not attend Sunday services. Turns out…it was the gentleman’s wife that I had met the day before. I showed her and her family member around backstage for a bit and was preparing to part ways when tears began to fill her eyes.

“I want to tell you ‘thank you’,” she said. (man, my tours must be good if they bring tears!). She continued “my husband came to your church yesterday. You see…I’ve gone to church all my life. My husband…well…he just doesn’t go to church. He came home yesterday talking about the music and the service and said ‘I never knew church could be so great!'”

…as if it couldn’t get better…she continued:

“Now, he even wants to attend a new church back home in Colorado with me!”

Turns out…the two had never attended church together in 41 years of marriage…

…and now they are.

…and I thought our service was lacking.

…good thing God was perfect.

The moral of the story…

Don’t fret your service.

God is still amazing.

Never forget it.

Love you guys.