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Free Resource for The Worship Leader at Your Church! (New Song)

A couple of years ago, I was speaking on the topic of gratitude.  I was thankful that week because my voice was strong enough to talk…but not to sing.  I was coming down with something.  A week later – I had no voice.  Knowing that I needed to sing the following weekend, I picked up my guitar to try to see just how bad my voice would sound.  The first words that came out were the first words that came to mind…

“What if I could no longer sing?  Who would sing your praises, Lord?”

I knew there was a song in that prayer.  I recalled a time singing with Matt Maher when he urged me to sing a song in a lower key.  I pushed back thinking I had it all under control.  Matt, in a loving way, said “I’m just looking out for you.  Right now, all the stars in the heavens are declaring His glory.  They will continue to do it long after we loose our voices.  I’m trying to keep yours.”

I want to GIVE you – the church – a song to sing.  Listen to it personally…then try it out in your own congregations if you feel it might work.  For some of you, it might be a “focus piece”.  For some of you, it could be an anthem.  I’ll let you decide.  Our congregation has enjoyed championing it.  It was fun to produce and sing…and the track has some special guests in it with Scotty Wilbanks from Third Day on the Hammond B3 organ.

The MP3 and the charts are available for you for free.  No catch.  No “sign up for this”…no “give me a love offering.  These are 100% free to your church.

Download the MP3 and chord charts for the song by clicking here.

Please do NOT freely distribute this song to the public.  This song is only provided for church use for congregational singing.

If you do use the song within your church, please report the song to CCLI as you would your other songs.  The CCLI number for the song is 7080669.

Finally…if you use it…I would love to hear back from you.  How was it received?  How did YOU feel leading it?  What has God spoken personally to you through the song?  Feel free to share in the comments below….good or bad.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share in these songs with you.