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Growing…and Growing Pains

We’re growing.  It is a good thing.  I can remember nights when my legs were in pain and my mom would simply tell me “it is just growing pains.  That means you are growing.  That’s a good thing.”

When I started quite some time ago, it began out of my own personal blog at .  From there, it was “Jason’s Rants & Praises”.   I decided that I wanted the blog to be less about me and more about empowering and encouraging other worship pastors, worship leaders, church songwriters, musicians, and worshipers worldwide…and I am so thankful that I made that choice.

You may have noticed in the past few weeks that the site has gone down a couple of times.  We’re growing.  It is a good thing.  You see, an audit of the server we are on showed that we were drawing too many resources and bandwidth and had more than expected traffic “over a sustained period.  These resources and traffic continue to grow monthly”  (quote from my server crew).  As a result, it has been determined that must be placed on its own private server where it can grow without limits.

We’re growing.  It is a good thing.

Growing means growing pains.  The change-over to the new server will mean a little bit of down time.  I expect that to occur today.  The server staff assures me that it will be done as quickly and fluidly as possible – but that the site will incur some down time.

I would like to ask two things from you today:

  1. Pray: Pray that the transition goes smoothly and that the site will be able to continue to grow as it has.  Pray also that God will allow me to do the right things with this site.  I am earnestly and honestly seeking an Accountability Committee of at least three people that can help keep me in check with content and day to day runnings of the site.  If this is of interest to you, please reach out to me at jason (at) .  I cannot imagine that God has allowed the site to grow to the amount of traffic it has based simply on the thoughts of a simple man.  I can only believe that God has great things planned for the site – and I don’t want to go at that endeavor alone.
  2. If you can and have need, consider advertising on the site: Now more than ever, this site will need “Ministry Partners” to help aide in the monthly server costs to maintain the site.  If you have a Christian based business, brand, product, or ministry – please consider becoming a monthly Ministry Partner and advertising with us.  Follow this link to learn more or reach out to me at jason (at) for more information.

We’re growing.  It is a good thing.  I am so truly thankful and blessed that you are growing along with us.

Humbly in His service,

Jason Whitehorn
Owner & Founder
got worship? Media