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How Will You Make 2018 Great For Worship?

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Planning Out Worship

2018 is is here.  In fact, the first month is halfway over.  For many worship leaders, the year ends and then the new year begins in regrets.  “I didn’t accomplish _________”.  “I didn’t get (goal) started/finished.”  For many of us, the reason behind that statement is the same: we didn’t plan ahead at the beginning of the year to end well.

The reason we don’t plan at the beginning of the year is pretty simple as well…and it is two-fold:

  1.  We are, by nature, creative people.  By definition and structure, most creative people use the left side of our brains.  We aren’t as structured as we should be.  We tend to be more free-spirited and “creative” with our processes.  As a result, we aren’t the best at organizing things.
  2. We aren’t typically “Resolution-type” people.  We tend to be types who say “I don’t make resolutions.”.  Thats okay, too.  I don’t make resolutions.

Even with all of this being said, I want to give you some insight over the next few days that will, hopefully change and re-energize the way you look at planning that will make your life easier over the next year.  We will. together, look at ways to enable a creative team to come around us to help organize our Sundays and year in a creative manner and why there is a difference between planning and making resolutions.

For now…I don’t want to leave you empty handed.  I want to leave you with one of the most powerful things that you can start the year off with…and many of us forget to do:


Take some time without distractions to pray four very specific things:

  1. Pray a powerful prayer to God that He would show you His Glory this year in Worship.
  2. Pray that He would reveal to you ONE thing that He wants you to do MOST this year with your leadership.
  3. Pray that He would reveal to you ONE thing He wants you to do MOST this year with worship.
  4. Pray that He would reveal to you ONE thing He wants you to do MOST this year with personal life.

This one powerful step alone, when we listen to God’s leading, has the potential to make monumental shift in our leading and our year.

Serving with you,


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