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If Only…

If only our Bibles were as dusted and polished as our love for lyrical scrutiny was…

I know you’ve seen it. It’s been on my heart for a while. An article is written…a comment card comes across our desk…miles and miles of text on forums and Facebook posts about (insert worship song here) using a specific word or line and how it doesn’t add up theologically – or how it doesn’t quite capture God as it should.

Is God “reckless”? Is His love for us “sloppy wet” or “unforeseen”? Did He send heaven down because He didn’t want heaven without us or not? Did He conquer death or hell? Is it too repetitive? Is it too simple? Is it too complex? Is it too poetic? Is it too mundane?

I’m convinced that we will argue a lyric for the sake of arguing at times.

But what if?

What if God shook His head at all of this?

What if He was simply PLEASED that His people were singing about Him? Writing about Him? …

…and what if He wished we dusted the cobwebs off the Bible’s in our nightstand more…and analyzed those words as close as we do words of songs of other writers….

…and then applied scrutiny to how they apply to our own lives?

I think if I’m honest with myself…I’d suddenly lose the time to be able to scrutinize other songwriters….

…because I’d have my own work cut out for myself.