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Good Shepherd Church – West Palm Beach, FL : Worship Pastor

Good Shepherd Church

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States  *

United Methodist
Church Size:
351 to 500
Job Type:

Good Shepherd Church

Job Description:

GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH Exists to be the Expression of God’s L.O.V.E. to the World.


Good Shepherd Church, with its grand and beautiful worship center, is poised in the midst of a diverse, multi-cultural and densely populated area of West Palm Beach. We are a welcoming and celebrating, vibrant church with committed leadership, deep spiritual and biblical roots and a desire for continued growth in authentic, Christ-honoring worship. Good Shepherd has an evangelical heart and a foundation steeped in tradition. God has given us a mission and a purpose to reach our diverse community for Christ.

We have seen much transition in the past four years. We began as a church that was mostly white and retired, compartmentalized, and deeply influenced by a traditional worship style of another era to our Good Shepherd of today which is multi-generational and multi-cultural with a clarified purpose to “LOVE GODCONNECT (love others), and INFLUENCE (love the outsider).” 


We have built our church staff and lay leadership with much thought and prayer, bringing onboard those who have the passion to be unified around our purpose and mission. We’re strengthening our worship and prayer and we’re successfully discipling through our small groups. We are focusing on the family and have launched a successful Celebrate Recovery Program. We are beautifying our campus and have been upgrading all of our technology and multi-media.

We recently moved our Sunday morning worship to one contemporary service at 10:00 a.m. In honor of our elders who formed the foundation of Good Shepherd, we host a once-a-month, fifteen minute, traditional hymn-sing pre-service, to celebrate the traditions of our past, led by our choir director, accompanied by traditional organ, orchestra and choir.


Good quality, creative and prayer-saturated ministries are important to us and provide not only the opportunity to further growth, but also to develop and maintain a strong and enriched relational network, which is clearly evident in the lives of all who call Good Shepherd their home.

This worship pastor position is for a leader who is impact hungry. We are in a season of momentum and new opportunity which also creates momentum and a new opportunity for the seasoned leader who will join us in our mission. We are passionate about reaching our city and about being evangelistic in our focus.

This is a unique opportunity to work under focused leadership that will provide the environment in which to grow and be stretched, both in Christ and in one’s leadership abilities. Good Shepherd is a place for people who want to make a difference in team ministry, thrive in a collaborative setting and believe that anything is possible in the context of the local church in the heart of a multi-cultural city.

Relentless as an organization, we are positioned for amazing growth. This is a place where the right, gifted pastoral leader and their family, who is called and committed to our mission and purpose, can experience an extensive, thriving and impactful ministry in our beautiful location!


WORSHIP PASTOR—Ministry Description 

Our worship pastor reports directly to the Lead Pastor. Each weekend a church membership of 300 to 450 attend our Sunday service. The position is full-time and salaried. The worship pastor is responsible for all aspects of the worship ministry of Good Shepherd. This person will lead our congregation to a heart of worship, honoring God and bringing to life the elements of worship in its many forms.


As Good Shepherd is a church in transition, and because our call is to reach the diverse community around us, the worship pastor’s leadership role will also include equipping, educating and encouraging of our creative ministry teams involved in worship.


Finally, the candidate will be a pastor to those involved with worship and the congregation at large, and will be part of the team that carries out the great commission in the way it is embodied at Good Shepherd as set forth in our purpose statement above.


Are you a worship leader or a Worship Pastor? We like the following distinction and understanding of a worship pastor:


Accountable to the lead pastor, the worship pastor will develop Good Shepherd’s ministries of worship, especially in light of the families and cultures we’re reaching out to.

Responsibilities Will Include: 

? Implementing and leading prayerful worship, in Christ, in a way that seeks to engage the wide variety of people we address. I.E. —The strong believer, the average believer, the new believer, the seeker, children and teens, etc.


? Communicating vision and passion for a prayerful worship ministry to the staff, congregation and worship-arts teams.


? Developing goals and “next steps” for the worship ministry in line with Good Shepherd’s strategic plan.

? Identifying and recruiting worship leaders, musicians, technicians and ministry volunteers, and equipping them with resources and training.


? Providing ongoing informal performance feedback with all the worship-arts.

? Scheduling and rehearsing worship teams/bands. Overseeing and maintaining the worship center, including the platform, tech booth, and worship-arts room.


? Developing and administering a ministry budget and report to the Finance Team (and sometimes to the Lead Pastor) on adherence to it.


? Executing the administration of the worship ministry through appropriate ministry teams, and monitoring work progress and completion.



? Mentoring and resourcing the variety of musicians in other areas of ministry, such as Student IMPACT, 252LIFEhouse, and the Evening of Worship—Prayer . . . with the objective of creating a thriving worship ministry and cultivating future talent for the worship arts.


? Participating in pastoral care activities including marriage services and funerals; assisting with the Small

Group Team in helping everyone involved in the worship-arts to be a participant in a small group (they are called “Lighthouse Community Groups” at GSC).


? Engaging and supporting the broader ministries of Good Shepherd, particularly outreach opportunities and events.


? Other ministries as needed by the church and assigned by the Lead Pastor or Leadership Council.



? Personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ that’s characterized by a strong understanding and practice in prayer.


Extensive musical ability including the ability to lead worship bands.


? Ability to lead worship and bring the congregation to a heart of worship.


? Ability to coordinate the creative process and worship in all of its forms.


? Ability to gain and maintain the respect of the people of our church.


? Ability to communicate, coordinate, and participate with church staff, Leadership Council, and other lay workers in a positive, productive and supportive way.


? Bilingual English/Spanish would be a plus but is not required.



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