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We have a HUGE heart for connecting worship leaders and worship pastors with the right churches.  We can certainly let you do the work – or we can give you our best candidates for the job.  We don’t charge a penny for it either.  To get started…take these three steps:

1 For starters, we need to know a little about your church.  Take just a moment and provide the details on your position posting below.  Once you hit “Submit your job posting” we will be notified and start to work on your posting ASAP!  While we work…move on to step 2.  For now, please provide the details below:

Enter your church’s position listing info:


2 Now that the clerical work is over – it’s time to look through some resumes.  View the current resumes submitted below:

View resumes from worship leaders…

Once we have updated your listing on our site, we will send you candidates to research that may be a fit for your church.  We do not charge our candidates.  We do not charge you as churches.  We simply want to help you find each other.

3 Finally, if you wish to have us do some leg work for you – we’d be delighted.  If you’d like, we can explore a few candidate possibilites for you that may best suit the position and, ultimately, your church.  We will even give them a mini DiSC test as well as an “Animal Personality Test” to help you better understand them.  Interested?  Send Jason an email at [email protected]

We will be praying with you for discernment as you seek to unite the right candidate with your congregation!