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Vocal Training for Worship Teams

Here at, we strive to bring you the best resources possible.  One of the most needed resources – yet the most neglected that we see amongst worship teams – is vocal training.  Before you read further…answer a quick question to yourself…how many vocal cords are in a human body?

Don’t read forward until you have an answer…there’s an honor system here.

Got your answer?  If you answered more than “two”…you’d be wrong.  We only have two vocal cords…yet we tend to abuse them.  We are athletes who work out and abuse our “muscles” yet rarely warm them up before the big game.  It’s a dangerous risk to play each week for something we depend on and only have two of.

Still, most of us do not have the luxury of having a vocal coach on standby for yourself or your team…

…until now.  Allow me to introduce you to Charmaine Brown.  She is the founder and Vocal Coach at The Worship Vocalist, a site that we 100% endorse and fully support as a ministry.  Charmaine and her husband Jason have a passion and sincere desire to see worship leaders and worship teams grow in excellence and want to come along side of you and your team.

Charmaine comes with years of experience and knowledge and can provide you and your team with a path for success that you can work at at your own pace via online video – or via one-on-one sessions. is SO much more that just about your voice…the husband and wife duo have plenty of videos that give you and your team practical advice on everything from how to lead more effective worship rehearsals to how to get a good in-ear monitor mix.  It’s GREAT stuff.  There’s even a private facebook group that is kept up to date with useful tips each weeks and engaging content.  We use Charmaine and her site…and we can attest that you will GREATLY benefit after just one week.

Please visit today to sign up for an individual account or a group account and see…err….hear…for yourself!