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Mid Afternoon Distraction & Focus: Worship Central’ “Let It Be Known”

Worship Central - Let It Be Known cover


Ready for an album perfect for personal reflection, adoration, instant adds to your worship set, and free-flowing spirit? Worship Central, based out of Holy Trinity Brompton Church (HRB) in London, England has one coming March 12th. Let It Be Known (Integrity Music) was recorded live by faculty, team, and students at Worship Central, led by Tim Hughes and Al Gordon. The project features some of the brightest worship minds of today – including Hughes, Gordon, Ben Cantelon, Nikki Fletcher, Luke Hellebronth, and Miles Dhillon.

Let It Be Known fits a wide variety of genres and is a powerhouse of lyrics cleverly intertwined with relevant music from today. If you are looking for cookie-cutter worship…this isn’t it. From songs that ring true to free worship such as “Set Me Free” to songs that charge the youth of today like “Our Generation”, there is something that a worship leader can grab from each song to apply to a variety of ministry needs.

“So many times I look out at our youth and students and I see so much potential for God to use them,” says Hughes, explaining the hope behind “Our Generation.” “But they lack confidence to see. We’re desperate for God to turn things around. He’s the only one that can.”

The album launches March 10th. After listening to the pre-release, we can tell you it will be an album you’ll use to charge your spiritual batteries day in and day out…it is just that potent.

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