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The Power Of Praying

At, we believe in the power of prayer.  We also know that, often times, we are left alone in our needs.  We often feel siloed at our churches and feel like no one understands what we do.  “What else do you do besides sing

An Art Lost in the Worship Leader World

I’m guilty of it – click bait.  What I titled as “An Art Lost in the Worship Leader World” could easily be “An Art Lost by Most Christians Today”.  It’s commiting to memory Scripture…or reading it with any regularity for that matter.  Perhaps, a better Reviews the Gopherwood Guitar G800RE

GopherWood G800RE Function: Acoustic Guitar Price: $2,350  Overview: It isn’t every day that a guitar company from South Korea emerges and captures the attention of notable Christian and Worship artists with its product. Then again, it’s not every day that a guitar company emerges with a

“After The Music Stops” – Podcast Preview

Looking for a “real” podcast about “real” things that pertain to you as a worship leader?  This is not your typical podcast.  What won’t be discussed  (intentionally) are the latest song trends, how to add members to your worship team, or what the appropriate dB