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REVIEW: Carlos Whittaker – “Fight”


In a fusion of worship, techno, and pure honesty comes Carlos Whittaker’s latest album offering Fight. Carlos, an avid blogger, worship leader, songwriter, artist, father, and adoption advocate set out on a desire to write songs about the “fight” that each person faces in their daily lives. The result has become the ten track album.

From the opening track “New Song”, Whittaker engages listeners with lyrics simple enough to make an instant add to a worship set list but dripping with truth. The entire album echoes lyrics depicting a God who fights for us on a daily basis. Standouts include songs such as “Fight”, “Sing”, and “Love”.

The entire album is perfect for your NextGen/Youth sets and most songs in their current arrangement would add easily to the church’s modern sets. The honesty and constant reminder of God’s fight for us that Fight brings makes the album a great listen for personal worship as well.

Many of you affectionately have come to know Carlos as “Los” or “loswhit” from his ever-honest internet and twitter presence. Carlos has spent years fighting his own fight with breaking down barriers, calling out wrongful tendencies in today’s modern worship leader, and being a friend to all at his site . He routinely mentors to worship leaders across the globe via his site and various coaching opportunities. When he’s not spitting out truth on the net – he can usually be found spitting his lyrics at churches and venues across the country. Currently, Carlos is on tour as part of the “Give Me Jesus” tour with Building 429.

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(Editor’s Note: Want to sink a little deeper into the thoughts behind Carlos’ new album? Hear his thoughts on the album, the future of worship, and more in an exclusive interview on Worship Leader Magazine’s website right now! Read the full interview here. )