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REVIEW: Carlos Whittaker – Ragamuffin Soul

Carlos Whittaker is a name known to most of us in the worship realm – but he is known to us by many different names.  Whether he is "Carlos", "Los", "loswhit", or "that bald guy with the tats that hates meatloaf" – one thing is for sure…the boy can sing.

Ragamuffin Soul, his debut release on Integrity Records, is a reflection of all that is Carlos: a deep love of God, a call to worship, and an anthem for the less than perfect people in the world.

Follow his blog for more than a week and you will tell that the album reflects how he lives – and it’s a vision he hopes the rest of us will catch.

“My desire is to create a movement of authenticity among Christians,” says Whittaker. “A movement that pushes people into a place of being real with themselves, others, and God. It’s all about authenticity.  And in that authenticity, finding God.”

His album echoes the same authenticity, such is the song "No Words" which calls the believer to action rather than a vocabulary – the antithesis of some of today’s popular commentary.  Other songs, like "God Of Second Chances", speak of a genuine God who loves and and "still romances."

The album is more than amply appropriate for most modern worship venues and is available on iTunes or by clicking the link below!