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REVIEW: Gopher Wood Guitars





  • Neck – Mahogany One Piece
  • Binding – Flamed Maple
  • Finger Board – Ebony
  • Bridge – Ebony
  • Inray – 12F Dove Shape
  • Strings – D’addario EXP16
  • Bracing – G series X Scalloped
  • Machine Head – Wilkinson Gold
  • Nut & Saddle – Bone
  • Finish – Gloss
  • Electronics – None
  • Soundpillar – Maple Notes/Review:

The Gopher Wood G800 is an amazing sounding guitar that we cannot put down.  We tend to, as guitar aficionados, to sneer at guitars originating from Korea as being “cheap” – but this guitar is anything but cheap.  The workmanship, setup, and quality right from the box is amazing.
“I’m playing my ( G820 ) without any additional setup out on tour with Mandisa and it sounds great!” – Brandon Bagby, Lead Guitarist – Mandisa
The neck, a beefy one-piece mahogany, is more like a Martin style and plays like a dream.
The controls “under the hood” of the G800 gives you a tone control for additional shaping as well as volume.   The specs above came straight from the Gopherwood website regarding the G800 guitar.  We note that it lists “Electronics” as “None”, however each G800 comes installed with a proprietary pickup system installed that allows for a full body mic and an under saddle pickup.  The controls allow for the two to be blended together for your own perfect sound.
Part of the wonder in the guitar is in the “Sound Pillar” technology which allows you to change the entire sound of the guitar by simply changing the tips in the pillar.  The tips give an entire tonal makeover to the guitar, giving you multiple options within one single model.
Trust us on this one…this is a guitar you will cherish…and a guitar you will be hearing lots more about in the near future.  Don’t be surprised when you see more and more of your favorite artists popping up on stages playing them!
The MSRP of the G800 comes in at $2,050.
For more information on the Gopher Wood G800, visit