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Snoop Dogg…in Christian Music? …and Why We Can Be Ok With It.

If you look on iTunes and Amazon right now, you will see a new album that will be coming out March 16th in the Gospel, Christian, and Christian genre.  The album, “Bible of Love”, is surprisingly from Snoop Dog – and it is 100% legitimately happening.  In fact, you can listen to previews of five tracks and even hear Snoop deliver words about our God in King amongst the 32 tracks on the album.

The big question on many people’s minds….”should I even care or pay attention to this?”  After all, Snoop hasn’t been the the greatest shining example of God’s love in his music, right?  What if someone listens to his music and then buys some of his other music and…well…there goes the neighborhood (Compton, yo!….errr…we mean “LBC”, right?)  Does it send mixed messages?

This isn’t a review of the album.  This isn’t critique of Snoop.  This is a reality check about what God is able to use for His Glory.

Quite a few years back…a man named Mel Gibson created a movie.  That movie was a massive blockbuster hit. It focused on the crucifixion of Jesus.  Most of us would agree that Mel has not lived the greatest life…and wouldn’t fit the best example of Christianity.  The explicit truth is that most of us don’t always fit that bill either.  God is able to reclaim the entertainment and media that we have in front of us for His glory.  He did with The Passion of The Christ.  He can with “Bible of Love“.

The thing that is yet to be seen with Snoop’s Bible of Love is whether or not the tracks are sound in theology.  But…isn’t that the same scrutiny that we should be placing all songs about our God under? (We love to do that to the extreme these days, anyway, right?)  Personally, I’m beyond thankful that Snoop is putting out an album that gives Glory to our God and King.  In fact…he is giving Him 32 tracks of Glory.  In today’s day and age…most of us are stopping the Glory at 10 tracks if not calling it a day at the length of an EP.

The beauty of Snoop doing an album dedicated to God…is that he will reach an entire group of people that I will never reach.  I don’t want to pray against or speak against any opportunity for people to make those connections to God.  Even today, since the news came out about the album being a reality – the controversy has begun.  I think history has shown use of a variety of ways to tell of God’s worth and might…I’m not selling this opportunity short.

So what do YOU think?  Comment below and share your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you!