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T-Shirts For RagaMuffins!

I’ve said for years now that I wouldn’t be blogging if it were not for two guys – Carlos Whittaker and John Saddington. Carlos – or “Los” as most of us know him is the main reason I am on the interwebs spouting vision into worship leaders each day. Years ago – he was live streaming worship…from his bathroom…and he’s been inspiring me and a friend since.

That’s one of many reasons I want to pay back HIS ministry. For the next week – I want to offer my “got worship?” T-Shirts by donation only and give 100% of the profits to Carlos and his ministry at . Each shirt cost about $5.00 to ship – add to that a minimum of a $5.00 donation and I’ll ship you a shirt and flip the donations to Carlos. If the shipping cost 4.25 to ship and you pony up 25.00 – then Carlos is getting $20.75 thanks to you! Don’t want a shirt – just pop in an amount and tell me you don’t want a shirt and I’ll donate the total money to Los and donate the shirt to the Nashville Rescue Mission!

Let’s rock this until Friday, October 19, 2012! Let the shirt-fest begin! (PLEASE include your size in the order below…or indicate “Nashville Rescue Mission”.)


Click HERE to order/donate via PayPal.