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No big thought provoking article here. Just…a suggestion. We are too dependant on so much technology today that we are all masters of multitasking. Sometimes

What’s This Talk About KONY?

If you’ve been ANYWHERE on the internet in the past 72 hours…you have likely come across something about “KONY”.  You may have even come across something that looks like a political campaign ad that would make you think that this Kony fella is running for

To Choir…or Not To Choir?

Does your church have a choir? I’m doing some quick research for an upcoming series – and I’d like to engage our readers in a discussion on the following questions: 1. Do you have a choir at your church? If “yes”… a…Do you use your

A Request from the founder…

If my daughter – my own flesh and blood, was malnourished and didn’t have proper clothes for the winter…how many of you would rush to send me assistance to help her?  I dare say if I pleaded loud enough…many of you would.  My daughter would be fed, clothed, and

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A Lesson from Thanksgiving Day

The table is set with a lavish spread – it is a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king. A servant shows you your way to your own special seat at the table and an empty plate is set before you. The aromas are breathtaking! This

How Should We Dress For Church?

Recently, we asked the question “What best describes your attire on a given Sunday…and why?” The question was based on an interesting I had with another worship leader from out of state who raised questions about my practice of wearing jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts while

Who are you praying for?

Stop for a minute and think of the first person that comes to mind when asked this question: “Who is the person in your life…or outside of your life…that needs the most prayers right now at this moment?” Got a name?  Good!  Take a moment

Worship Leader…to be paid or not…

Not a huge amount of discussion for the moment – but more in the information gathering stages.  If you have a minute…take part in a quick poll.  Share it with your friends in twitter and Facebook as well.  I’d love to get a wide cross-section

Free Music Tuesday : Children of Light

This week’s “Free Music Tuesday” comes from an album that I highly encourage each of you to implement within your own churches as its songs are wide-reaching and ring true. You’ve heard me talk about LifePoint Illuminate: Children of Light over the past month or