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Tim Timmons: “Cast My Cares”

(Provident Label Group LLC – He had me right at “You are the air held in our lung – its not enough if we’re not breathing.” – and, being the sucker for real lyrics combined with relevant music, Tim Timmons had me from track

Using Secular Music In Worship

From Craig Hedrick serving in Belmont, NC Question: I wanted to ask if you use much secular music in your seeker services, do you change lyrics and things like that? We have been doing some of that with a fair amount of success but I

Are You Really THAT Traditional?

I wrestled with the title for this article…I really did. “New Wineskins and Handtowels”…”You Don’t REALLY Like Hymn’s…DO You?” … the list went on and on. I just decided to be blunt. This is about traditions and customs. It is going to ruffle feathers and

Noticing a trend here…

I’m noticing a trend going on lately…….. Glad everyone is catching up.  Perhaps now my wife will accept the look. (honorable mention that she actually bought the thing for me years ago yet hates it when I wear it.)

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Exciting, Exciting, Exciting

There are a lot of cool things happening today – stuff to be praying about and praising about. Figured I’d highlight a few. As we speak, Eddie Mosley, Pastor of GroupLife at LifePoint Church is speaking at a huge SmallGroup conference at Saddleback Church (a

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What I Love About My Wife

All across the country today, men are paying attention to their wives. For some, it may be the first time this year that they have devoted time to their spouse. Keeping with the spirit that Valentine is more than just a card – I wanted