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REVIEW: Carlos Whittaker – “Fight”

In a fusion of worship, techno, and pure honesty comes Carlos Whittaker’s latest album offering Fight. Carlos, an avid blogger, worship leader, songwriter, artist, father, and adoption advocate set out on a desire to write songs about the “fight” that each person faces in their

Displaying Your Media Slides…from an iPad

Yep – leave it to my good friends at to come up with a new way to utilize their already stellar product even AFTER their reboot of the software I mentioned in the last edition of Worship Leader Magazine. Check out the video below

The Amazing Symphony – Revisited

I talked last year about “The Amazing Symphony” after getting to be a part of the latest Matt Redman album and, as a result, getting to hear Louie Giglio speak in Atlanta last February. Louie is an amazing guy – and loves astronomy. It was

The Myths of Performance Rights

Are you properly taking care of your legal responsibilities when it comes to music at the church?  Put aside any dialogue of in-service music – its what you are doing outside of your church service that could have you in legal hot water.  Do you

Looking towards a new year

2010 is now on the eve of being over – and we have plenty to be thankful for.  Over the past two years, I have seen this simple site grow at an unbelievable rate.  To be honest, there are times when I am in disbelief

We’d like to thank…

We’re still pretty happy about the award we got from Worship Leader Magazine.  Recently, a new blogger asked me via email how we managed to gain such notoriety to be honored in such a way.  This particular blogger was hoping to emulate any and every strategy we had.  

Podcast 7 : Sleeping With The Fishes

Today’s podcast comes during some exciting times – NWLC is in the limelight, we were featured in the Top 10 Blogs of the year in Worship Leader Magazine‘s “Best of The Best” issue…yet, in the midst of the excitement – have you ever felt like

We’re getting in gear for NWLC East 2010

We are very excited this year to bring you news and event as well as a daily wrap-up from the National Worship Conference East in Lancaster, PA.  The “East” Conference begins today with worship leaders from across the country and the world uniting in Lancaster,

Guess what I found today?

I knew it was coming…but opening up the new Worship Leader Magazine October Issue … the “Best Of The Best” issue and seeing there listed as the 2010 Editor’s choice recipient along with Bob Kaufman and Carlos Whittaker and Vicky Beeching made me smile. We