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Taking Our Sundays For Granted

The church pictured above is the Golden Lampstand Church.  It is a mega church with 50,000 members.  If you are struggling to think of its location – it is likely because you haven’t heard of it.  It is in China.  If you are planning on taking a trip there soon…you may be in for a sad suprise.

You see, the church, despite its strong membership has had its share of setbacks.  In 2009 its leadership was arrested.  The Chinese police hired thugs to smash up the place and seize all the Bibles.  The Golden Lampstand Church rebounded, though.  The church has been a bane in the Chinese government’s existence fro its start.  Christianity is not readily welcome in China.  The building was said to have been built against code.

This past week…the Chinese government got their wishes.

….this is just one VERY large church in China.  MANY churches are gathering in secret as we speak.  In fear. …but in awe of God.

How much respect, awe, and trembling are WE putting into what WE are doing?  Or are we just…”doing” it?