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The Testimonial Video from Hunter's Baptism

Here’s the proudest moment I’ve had to date…the day I got to baptize my son. Hunter’s testimonial video was awesome. You’ll hear the audience applaud and cheer at what Hunter had to say in the video – but he looked back at me and Pat in the water and said “why are they laughing at me?” It was after the baptism that it finally dawned on him that they just really liked what he had to say.

Micah, one of our insanely awesome Worship Leaders, told me backstage that “man, what Hunter said was cool!  He really  gets it!”  Later that evening, I got to hear from several in our band and other friends from LifePoint who told me stories about crying hearing Hunter’s testimony and watching the baptism.  You guys and gals are just one of the reasons we love our LifePoint family!