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To Drink Or Not To Drink…Should Christians Consume Alcohol?




Yep…let’s get right to the point: I’m not looking at what a particular church administration’s view is on the subject. I am of this opionion where this is concerned:

If it is your church’s policy that a staff member of volunteer not drink alcohol – either publicly or privately…then either chose to abide by it before deciding to serve there or don’t serve there. Honor the policies of the church.

The administrative policies of a church is not the question here…

…your individual beliefs, on the other hand, are.

I have come across people who are so divided on this subject. It amazes me. Me? I’m not a big drinker at all – but I am known to have a glass of red wine after my doctor suggested I include it in my health regiment over 5 years ago. I don’t hide behind “but my doctor said so“, however, as an excuse. Should I desire to drink – I can. I am clear that I cannot drink to excess…and I don’t….ever.

I don’t, on the other hand, ever drink in public. I chose not to not because I’m hiding something or because I am embarrassed I choose not to ever do so because I never know who I may cause to stumble. Lets assume I am at a restaurant and I am having a lobster tail, zucchini, and a glass of wine. (Let’s also assume I’m on a budget to be EATING that!) Let’s further assume that a couple I have never met – perfect strangers – sit next to us and are ordering. During their order they ask the waitress what wine goes best with the lobster tail. The waitress points to my table and says “you could have the (insert wine pairing here) like this gentlemen is having.” The night goes on without another thought.

Eventually…let’s assume that the same couple walks into the church where I pastor at through worship. Now – we, as Christians, know the Scriptures to say “don’t drink to excess”. To someone who is unchurched, however, the rule is “Christians are goody-two-shoes and don’t drink PERIOD!” My job as a worship pastor is to remove distractions from worship. Now this couple walks in…and some point they HAVE to recognize the bald guy with the beard on the stage as “hey-thats-the-guy-at-the-restaurant-the-other-night!” and remember the wine. Bingo – I have CAUSED a distraction because, perhaps, the first thought the un-churched couple has is “there is a hypocrite on the stage”.

Am I being dramatic? Perhaps. But I am being safe. On the same token – I hear many people who say similar things about why they don’t drink to begin with.

So…with that being said…

…let’s get real…

…come out of the closet…

…or the wine cellar.

Do you drink?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

Share your thoughts below in the comments section.