To Remember Where Our Seat Is

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As worshipers – Levites – lead worshipers, we are on a stage/platform week after week.  Many of us have just had the wind knocked out from us because we have begun an internal dialog of “which is it?  Stage?  Platform?…here we go again!”  I want to draw us back for a moment and remind us something simple…I want to remind us where our seats are.

Our seats…our chairs…are right with the rest of the congregation.  Its where we fit with God’s beloved.  Sure, we lead from a structure that happens to be elevated in height and turned in a different direction from the rest of the congregation…but our embodiment of WHAT we are there for…our attitude…is right there in the same seat as the rest of the congregation.

I think that we can become too paralyzed by culture that we have forgotten that.  We have taken a journey into becoming career worship leaders that it is easy to miss the Glory God brings to a room when you invite Him in.

Oh how I long to be Moses when God warned him of the very ground he was standing on.  I want through off these wingtip boots that I’ve become so obsessed with getting all for the sake of becoming “relevant” because I’m standing on Holy Ground instead of feeling, for a moment, like I am more worthy by the clothes I wear.

I want to catch a glimpse of God as He passes by me…even knowing that I am not worthy to see His face…and be content with that instead of being busy looking in a mirror to see if my outfit matches what today’s worship leader looks like.

I want to be wrapped up in THAT with the rest of those seated around me instead of getting a glimpse of what is on stage….me.  They never came for me in the first place, right?

This weekend…breathe in new air.  If there is any shred of the carnal “want” to be “seen” and not to “see His Glory”, then pray just as I am today…that God would invite you to see Him from the seats rather than from simply a stage.  We are all responding to His Glory.

Oh…BTW…Actually FIND your seat each week, too!

As leaders, we should be spending time in those chairs…with our Bibles in hand…taking notes…listening to our pastors teach us.  It’s life giving.  Yes, we have plenty to do back stage…but we have plenty to grow from.  So…grow.  😉