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URGENT Re-post on behalf of a friend

You know I don’t post anything unless it is significant….and saving children to me is pretty important. It is why I passed along the information from my friends, the Bynums. Together, you helped her raise the money needed to adopt another child away from a bad situation. Now, I ask another favor on behalf of the sister of a good friend of mine, Micah Huebner. PLEASE take a moment to read and pray about the re-posted email below.


We are finishing up our home study and dossier and getting geared up to send it to our agency and then off to Ethiopia. It has been three months since we accepted the referral for our next sibling set of three, and we are reaching the deadline to have everything turned in and ready.

BUT, we still need over $19,000 within 3 weeks to be able to do this. Our three kids in Ethiopia can’t wait much longer, so we are desperate to get the funds in ASAP. Not only will this mean that our three will have a family THAT MUCH SOONER, but it will also allow for three more children to move into the orphanage and begin their own journey to a family. Three lives are hanging in the balance here.

We are asking everyone who reads this to prayerfully consider giving to this adoption journey. Your gift of even $25 goes a long way in the end. Or perhaps you might be able to give a great deal more. Maybe you own a business that could make a substantial tax-deductible donation. Or perhaps your church would consider contributing to this cause.

Please forward this email your friends and family and refer them to our blog site at

We are trusting God to provide, but He does it through people, so we earnestly need the village to come together for this one…one more time!

If you feel led to be part of this journey, either again or for the first time ever, we (and all of our children) would be eternally grateful. We know that in this crazy economic era, giving is more difficult. Trust us, though, that this is an investment that will lend you eternal rewards.

If you feel led, you can donate in one of the following ways:

First, you can donate directly to us via the link on our blog site. It will take you directly to our paypal account where you can donate securely. Every penny will go straight to our adoption fund.

Or, you can donate directly to our agency and receive a tax-deductible receipt for your gift. To do so, follow these instructions:

To send a check, make it payable to CWF and put Kirk and Heidi Weimer in the memo line.

Mail checks to:
CWF (christian world fund)
Attn: Tracy Froidcoeur
777 South Allen Road
Flat Rock, NC 28731


o give an instant, secure donation online, go to the Christian World Foundation website.

IMPORTANT: Select CWA/CWF General Fund. Then click next to CWA Family and fill in the information for us: Kirk and Heidi Weimer.


Thanks so much to all of you who are coming alongside us in this miraculous endeavor. We are eternally grateful for every single cent that comes our way to bring these three precious ones home to their family. We are awaiting miraculous provision and praying for every penny of this process.

Many blessings to you forever,
the weimers

PS- Please email with any questions you might have.