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What happens when we get too…”methodical”.

There is one topic that has really been eating at me lately :  “Scripted Worship”.  It is the rut we get in when we get comfortable.  I can remember feeling the need to move a baptism to another area of our service in the “timeline” – but got chastised when I suggested doing so.

“You can’t do that!” came the reply from the Pastor.

“Why not,” I argued “I honestly think it works if it is done right in the middle of this song.”  The answer I got was one that should send up red flags…but all too many of us have become too color blind to see the warnings:

“Because we’ve always done it the same way and there is no reason to change it.”

May I just be blunt and bold?  If there is anything about your service that is not Biblically mandated in its formallity that you would get a response or make a response of “we shouldn’t change it because it is the way we’ve always done it…”

….then you need to figure out how to do it different.

Don’t become stagnant.  Don’t let a method of man become your liturgy.  Break free of the script…and worship freely.