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What Makes a Song “Congregational Singable”

On one of the forums that I am a part of, today, a user asked a question about a particular song.  She wanted to know if it was “good as a congregational song”.  (the song, by the way, was Mercy Me’s Flawless.)

Until today – I may have been able to give you a brilliant answer to the question of “what makes a song ‘congregational'”…that was until another user reminded us of something:

But wait a minute? Can’t I walk into every congregation on the globe and sing that song and hear every voice singing it?

…and yet I remember thinking the same of the song.  “It doesn’t have a straight forward rhythm to the melody line…people won’t song it right!“, I thought.

With that in mind…what songs have I tossed away because they “surely” couldn’t be sung by a congregation in my book?  Should I have given them a chance?

So I pose the question to our readers…What does make a song singable to the congregation?

Let’s start a healthy discussion below in the comments area.