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Who are you praying for?

Stop for a minute and think of the first person that comes to mind when asked this question:

“Who is the person in your life…or outside of your life…that needs the most prayers right now at this moment?”

Got a name?  Good!  Take a moment to pray for their needs.  Your day isn’t that busy that you can’t take a moment to pray.  After all…this blog isn’t that important.  When you are done, click the “SHARE YOUR PRAYER REQUEST” button below and share a prayer request for that person, yourself, or both so that myself and the rest of the readers can jon together in prayer for each other!  You’ll get an email letting you know when someone prays for you…just a bit more encouragement in your day.  Want to share anonymously?  You can do that as well.

Ready? Set? Pray!

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