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Worship Tech: Turning Your Music Pages – Hands Free

We are blessed with the privilege of getting to try-out all kinds of gadgets, instruments, and software that may be beneficial to worship pastors/leaders here at .  Many times, there are products that simply stand out because of their awesomeness – but sometimes the best products we get are the items that go un-noticed.

Distractions are all around us in worship from the moment we hit the church doors.  As worship leaders and worship musicians – it can be very easy to become distracted by…well…just about anything.  Having to take the time to do one more thing like turning a simple page on a simple piece of sheet music can sometimes be enough of a distraction itself.

Enter…the AirTurn BT-105.  This little pedal is a great compliment to those of us who use an iPad or computer on stage and need to be able to flip through things like charts or lyric slides without having to use our hands.

To test it out…we gave it to one of our many talented keyboardists and asked him to use it during a recent Sunday service.

As you can see – just having such a simple device can be a huge addition to the current technological advances in worship such as PlanningCenter’s Music Stand.

The device itself is compact and very portable.  It comes with a convenient charger and instructions for how to sync it with your preferred device.  After a quick Bluetooth pairing – you are on your way to hands free page-turning in a snap!

No more fumbling with an iPad page while trying to play guitar or piano.  Even if you have the act down to a science and can keep playing, turn a page, and get back to playing without skipping a beat – the simple distraction it takes from your congregation’s point of view of “what is he/she messing with” can be enough of a distraction.  The AirTurn eliminates the effort.

While we’ve only addressed the Planning Center app, there are a growing number of iPad, Android, Mac and PC apps that the AirTurn BT-105 can be used with.

If you want more information on purchasing an AirTurn, BT-105 please visit:

AirTurn’s Product Website

Pro’s:  Distraction free page-turning.  Works with most popular worship apps.  Small and portable.  Black and low profile (not an eye-sore).

Con’s:  Instructions aren’t the clearest to follow – but a little common sense on the user’s part will make set-up a snap!

Overall take:  Worth a “got worship? Media Seal of Approval”!